Building Buddhist Chaplaincy in Canada
   Building Buddhist Chaplaincy in Canada

Practicum Education


To complete a unit of Clincal Pastoral Education (CPE) involves working under a CPE supervisor as a student spiritual care worker at a CPE site. A chosen site can be a hospital, senior home, mental health centre or a correctional facility. If a hospital is your chosen site, you would primarily be working in palliative care. There are currently one CPE Teaching Supervisor and one CPE Associate Teaching Supervisor who are practicing Buddhists. Please contact them if you wish to take your CPE with them at their hospitals.

Ven. Thomas Kilts at William Osler Health System in Brampton, Ontario

Rev. Kosu Boudreau at Bridgepoint Hospital in Toronto, Ontario



To have the CPE units recognized as course credits towards the Master of Pastoral Studies (MPS) program, students should take the CPE units through the MPS program. For those who are not interested in course credits, they may contact Ven. Thomas Kilts to register directly through the Brampton Osler Health System CPE program. This option may also be of interest to international students who are already living in Canada.


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