Building Canadian Buddhist Chaplaincy Together
Building Canadian Buddhist Chaplaincy Together

Community & Palliative Care Education Program

2017 年四月至六月慈心關懷大使義工倍訓課程Flyer for April 2017 course
See poster for Details of the course
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Buddhist Community Care News Bulletin April 2017 佛教社區關懷計劃合刋2007年4月
Bilingual Bulletin co-published by the Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada and the Buddhist Education Network - April 2017
Fundraiser Banquet Friday May 26, 2017 籌款素宴: 五月二十六日星期五
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The Buddhist Education Network of Ontario (BENO) will be hosting a 30-hour training course for a second time in April to June 2017. (We offered the first course  in October 2016)  This training volunteer training course in Community and Palliative Care will be given in Chinese (Cantonese). Chinese flyer can be downloaded above. The second course will be held in York Region (Yonge and 16th Avenue. 

These topics will be covered in the course:

1. Introducation

& Background of Hospice Palliative Care

2. Medical Care

3. Personal and Practical Care

4. Psychosocial Care

5. Spiritial Care

6. Loss, Grief and Bereavement Care

7. Communication Skills

8. Volunteer Panel

9. Field Visits: relevant public facilities 



Our instructors are experienced professionals and volunteers in their respective fields of instruction.

The following instructors will be part of the teaching team for our first course:


Ophelia Chan

  • Bereavement & hospice services volunteer
  • Registered Social Worker
  • Health care professional

Alice Lee 

  • Volunteer for Hospice Toronto since 2007
  • Interpreter for Mt. Sinai Hospital since 1998
  • Professional Accountant

Rita Leung

  • Client volunteer of Evergreen Hospice since 2008 
  • Spiritual Care Volunteer at Markham Stouffville Hospital since 2011
  • Graduate of Foundations in Contemplative Care Program 2011/12, New York Zen Centre for Contemplative Care, New York
  • Registered pharmacist

Kitty Wong

  • Registered nurse specializing in oncology and palliative since 2008

Yuk-Lin Renita Wong

  • Hospice and bereavement services volunteer respectively for Perram House, Alliance Hospice, and Philip Aziz Center since 2008
  • Graduate of End-of-Life Care Practitioner Program, Metta Institute, California
  • Associate Professor, School of Social Work, York University



  • 寶林學佛會住持


  • 自 2007 年起為多倫多善寧服務義工
  • 自 1998 年起為醫院傳譯義工
  • 自 2003 年起為加拿大佛教教育基金會財務
  • 專業會計師


  • 長青社探訪義工,萬錦多福醫院心靈關懷義工
  • 美國紐約 NYZCCC 禪修關懷基礎課程 2011/12 畢業生 
  • 安省註冊藥劑師


  • 善寧及安懷服務義工
  • 美國加州 Metta Institute 善寧照顧課程畢業生
  • 約克大學社會工作系副教授及研究院課程主任


  • 安省註册護士專修腫瘤和善終關懷服務


  • 善寧及安懷服務義工
  • 註册社工
  • 專業健康護理 


Please email if you are interested to register in the course. Course fee is $60. For further information / to obtain an application form, please text 416-910-4858 or call 416-800-8032.

2017 Class schedule: 


April 29 (Saturday) 

1) 9:30 am - 1:00 pm     Introduction & Back- ground

May 6 (Saturday) 

2) 9:30 - 3:00 pm     Medical Care  & Personal Care

May 13 (Saturday)

3) 9:30am – 1:00 pm     Psychosocial Care 

May 27 (Saturday)

4) 9:30 - 1:00 pm     Spiritual Care


June 3 (Saturday)

5) 9:30 - 1:00 pm    Loss, grief & bereavement 


June 10 (Saturday) 

6) 11:30 am - 3:00 pm    Communication

June 17 (Saturday) 

7) 9:30 am - 3:00 pm    Ethics and Volunteer panel 

June 24 (Saturday) 

8) 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Field Trips: visiting a nursing home

In this Bulletin: Peer Support for Palliative Care Volunteers / Ontario Government Engagement in Palliative Care

After the first Buddhist chaplaincy roundtable, it was recognized that there is a need for multi-lingual Buddhist chaplaincy community resources. The BEFC would like to host an on-line Buddhist Chaplaincy Resource Centre where the diverse Buddhist communities can share relevant resources to help people who wish to help Buddhists and Buddhist-friendly individuals in a vulnerable situation in their lives.


It is a reality that the majority of the spiritual care professionals working in Canadian hospitals, senior homes and correctional facilities are Christian. There are also some Buddhists working as professionals and volunteers in these institutions who may not speak the languages or practice in the same traditions of the Buddhists under their care. Therefore, if we can have comprehensive Buddhist reources conveniently accessible from this on-line centre, it will increase their capacity to serve the Buddhists who are under their care in these public institutions.


All suggestions welcome! Please call Chris Ng at 416-910-4858 or e-mail:


Let us build this resource centre together...

Buddhist Community Care Bulletin 佛教社區關懷計劃
In this Bulletin, we report on the Focus Group Meeting hosted by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on Palliative Care Engagement; Palliative Care Peer Support Group; and Acceptance Commitment Therapy - an interview with Drs. Fung and Tsui.

For other issues of our Buddhist Community Care Bulletins, visit
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